In the middle of a crowded Mumbai river, I am watching the baby being carried by a woman in a bright blue bikini.

The baby is about three weeks old, her tiny hands moving and her tiny mouth moving.

She is lying on a small board with her baby in her lap, and her baby’s eyes open.

The girl is about seven months old, about to be born and about to have her first kiss.

A few metres away, in a restaurant, another woman is taking a sip of water.

She is carrying a baby, a little girl.

Her face is flushed and her hair is pulled back in a bun.

Both are carrying their babies, and the woman is smiling.

In a small room, a baby girl is being held by her mother, while another baby girl, about two months old and a few days old, is being carried on a big board by her grandmother.

I am standing in a crowded public area of a large city, and I see a baby.

I am trying to catch a glimpse of the baby and, as a result, I’m staring right into her face.

I don’t know whether the woman who is carrying the baby has the baby’s mother’s full attention, but I do know that the baby girl and the grandmother are very close.

I see her in my peripheral vision.

She looks like a baby doll.

She looks beautiful.

I’m looking at the girl, and as a consequence, I see the face of a person.

This is how I caught the little girl on the boat.

I didn’t know who she was or why she was there.

The little girl was born on April 6, 2017, and she has been named Lola.

She’s a six-month-old girl.

She’s not a baby herself, but she’s a good-natured, playful child.

She smiles, plays, laughs and has a smile.

I didn’t think of Lola as a child.

I was looking for her in the news.

In 2017, Lola was among the top 20 babies in India.

It was the fifth year that Lola has been among the Top 10 babies in the world.

It also ranked among the five best-loved childrens books in India in 2016.

I met Lola’s mother, a mother of three children and a stay-at-home mother of two children.

Lola is a good girl.

I think she’s really beautiful.

She likes playing and likes to play with the baby doll in her hands.

I like her.

She loves being with her children.

She makes me laugh.

She loves playing and being with the little doll in the hands of her mother.

Lila’s grandmother, who is also a stay at home mother of a second child, is also an accomplished photographer.

She has a small camera and an ordinary camera with a wide-angle lens.

Lilayas grandmother was working as a freelance photographer in Chennai, and Lola came to live with her in 2016 in Kannur district.

I asked her what was her favourite photo.

She said she likes to shoot babies.

She liked it when Lola, the baby, and Lilayas father, who was a doctor, were holding hands, or when Lilayat was lying on the table.

I liked that Lulu and Lilaya had a close relationship, and that they are so similar.

I asked her about Lola and how much she liked them.

She replied that she loved them both.

Lila is very good-looking.

She always smiles and likes smiling.

She was born in Kottayam, in Kerala, in March 2018.

She had just returned to India, from a month-long stay in Kolkata.

Lillal is an Indian girl.

She can be quite a bit older than her siblings.

She doesn’t have any trouble learning to talk.

She says she’s learning to read and write.

Lillal has a normal weight, but is overweight.

She usually weighs more than one kilogram.

Lilla’s mother says Lilla is very smart, and very good at learning.

She also likes to read books.

I found Lila’s mother very happy about the baby.

The baby has a big heart, and it’s very strong.

Lile is an interesting baby.

She hasn’t eaten any food for a few weeks.

I wanted to know more about her.

The little girl is getting some exercise, and has her eyes open and her mouth open.

I don’t have a camera here, so I just asked her, “Where are you going to take your camera?”

Lile’s mother asked, “What camera?”

Lila replied, “I want a baby camera.”

I asked Lilla if she would like a camera.

She didn’t say, “Yes, I want a camera,” but she said, “Why not?”

She wanted a camera for a reason.

I told her, if