CAIRO (AP) Some Californians have been unable to board flights to and from Canada due to an airport in the United States being closed, the California Department of Transportation said Monday.

Travel restrictions are already in place in the U.S. for people coming from Canada, Mexico and other countries and are expected to continue through at least Jan. 15, the department said.

They are due to remain in effect until Jan. 29.

But a new list posted by the state on its website shows that the restriction affects about 10,002 people.

The list includes people who are visiting California or who were residents of California in the last 12 months.

California said Monday that its travel restrictions were put in place for a variety of reasons, including the deadly attack on a Las Vegas concert hall and the deadly attacks in Paris and Brussels, Belgium.

A federal judge on Monday temporarily blocked enforcement of the U to Canada border restrictions until at least Wednesday.