Connecticut’s travel restrictions have been tightened in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, which is expected to continue until at least November.

In the state, the maximum length of stay that can be extended is 90 days, and businesses must close for at least 24 hours.

The state also bans pets.

In the US, the federal government has imposed a travel ban for those traveling to and from Cuba and Venezuela.

The US Department of Homeland Security has also imposed a similar travel ban on US citizens and permanent residents.

The New York state health department has also issued a travel advisory for residents of New York City and Brooklyn, but there have been no new alerts issued in the state.

The Connecticut governor, Dannel Malloy, has said he will announce new restrictions on Monday, but the state health commissioner has said there will be no major changes until the new coronaviruses are out of the air.

Mr Malloy said he would announce the new measures in the coming days.

The new travel restrictions will also affect some of the state’s top tourist destinations including New York, Boston, Washington DC, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Milwaukee, Cincinnati, Indianapolis and Detroit.

“We’re taking steps to make sure that our state is protected from the spread of the virus,” Mr Malloy told reporters at the Statehouse on Tuesday.

There have been two major coronavirectives in the US this year.

The first was in May when a US soldier who contracted the virus while serving in Afghanistan contracted the second, in October when a California man died after being hospitalized for two days.

The second was in November when a man who contracted coronaviral disease while working in his car died.

The governor has also said the state will be ready for a second coronaviru, the one that will spread the virus across the US.

However, officials said the first coronavoid was not a threat to the public, so they were not looking to tighten up restrictions.