If you’re in Canada, and you need to use a travel jewelry piece that can be worn by a traveler, the Canadian Travel and Tourism Association recommends that you use a case that can hold your jewelry and your passport.

In the U.S., you can get jewelry from retailers like Tiffany &Loeffler.

But in Canada you can also buy jewelry from travel companies.

You can also get jewelry at home with a case from a travel jeweler like Tiffany.

Here are the basics of a case: A case that holds your jewelry should fit snugly and not be too large.

It should be about 1/2 the size of your passport case, which is the size the case should be when folded into the passport.

It shouldn’t have too much material inside the case.

It must be comfortable to wear.

If you buy a case, you should keep the case closed for at least two months.

It’s important to make sure you put your jewelry inside the jewelry case before opening it up.

If your jewelry doesn’t fit in the case, it may take up to a month to dry.

If the jewelry isn’t dry, it’s likely that you have an issue with the case’s stitching.

A loose case can easily slip and fall out.

A case made from durable, high-quality materials is a good choice for jewelry.

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