The number of people who were detained at a checkpoint in 2016 was about the same as in 2015.

The number in 2016 who were searched was also about the average of 2015.

In 2015, there were about 13,000 reported TSA checkpoint detentions.

The TSA had 2.7 million employees, of which 3.3 million were in the field, according to the agency.

The average wait time to be detained at checkpoints is about 45 minutes, according the TSA.

The agency said the average wait for a TSA officer to make a checkpoint stop was about 11 minutes.

TSA officials said they have begun working on a plan to streamline the screening process.

They said they were trying to increase the speed and efficiency of checkpoint checks, which can take up to 20 minutes to complete.

“It’s a huge step forward, and I’m very encouraged by the progress that we’ve made,” said TSA Administrator John Pistole.

President Trump tweeted his support for the plan on Wednesday.

He wrote that he was proud of the agency for being able to keep people safe and the fact that the TSA is “now performing so well in our country.”

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