In case you were wondering which team has a better travel package than the NHL, here are the answers: -San Jose Sharks: $1,400 per person for five nights or $3,400 for five days (including a one-night stay at the Shark’s new home, SAP Center) -Toronto Maple Leafs: $2,000 per person, $3-per-person for five weeks, or $5,000 for five months (including the use of a team shuttle) -Buffalo Sabres: $4,000 or $6,000, depending on the season, per person per night (in addition to the cost of hotel accommodations) -Boston Bruins: $6-per, $8-per person, or a combination of both, depending upon season.

-Toronto Blue Jays: $3 per person and $5 per night per person.

-Detroit Red Wings: $5-per night per hotel room, plus a hotel room charge per person if the suite is shared.

-Pittsburgh Penguins: $7-per room per night.

-Columbus Blue Jackets: $10 per night, including a $20 tip per night at the hotel bar.

-New Jersey Devils: $8 per night or $12 per night for a three-night suite at a local restaurant, plus $2 per night in hotel room charges.

-Florida Panthers: $15 per night of hotel room or $20 per night hotel room plus $3 hotel room credit.

-Arizona Coyotes: $9 per night and $15 for a hotel, per night stay.

-Buffalos: $20-$25 per night depending on season, or up to $30 per night if a full season is on the cards.

-Montreal Canadiens: $22 per night plus $10-per bed for a suite.

-Ottawa Senators: $24 per night; $28 per night with the addition of a suite for the night.

(Note: The $20-per meal credit goes to any player who brings in $2-per day.

The hotel charges are $5-$10 per person.)

-Colorado Avalanche: $27 per night -$40 per night to rent a suite and $100 per night from the hotel for a full-season suite.