Airlines and hotels have been affected by the latest round of restrictions, with some airlines cancelling plans to fly out of Delhi or Chennai.

India is a key destination for US travellers, with a growing number of travellers choosing to travel through the country as a stopover in their travels.

Here are the major airlines who have announced they are cancelling flights to and from India.

Air India Indias chief executive officer Nirmala Sitharaman has tweeted that the airline will be reducing its flights from Delhi and Chennai to around 50% from November 10.

The airline’s tweet is likely to hit a snag as the airline has previously said it would reduce flights to India by 60% for the entire year.

Indian Airlines is also not keen to fly through India, with CEO Ajit Bhullar saying that the carrier will not fly to India again in 2019.

Air India is one of the largest airlines in the world.

In 2019, the airline expects to earn a total revenue of $1.8 billion and have net income of $5.2 billion.

Indian Airlines is one the largest airline in the country.

In 2018, the carrier expects to generate net income between $1 billion and $1,500 million.

Kolkata-based Indiatime has cancelled all of its scheduled flights from New Delhi.

Lahore-based Air India, meanwhile, has canceled all of the scheduled flights in Delhi and the other major cities of the country, which will affect a total of more than 40,000 passengers.

India’s biggest airlines are all in a pickle over the current round of travel restrictions.

Air New Zealand is the only one that has cancelled flights to Chennai and Mumbai, and will be limiting its flights to only four cities – Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Ahmedabad.

The Air India that had to cancel flights to Mumbai and Hyderabad has since added Delhi and Delhi-NCR to its list of cities it will not visit in 2019, with the airline saying that these cities “will not be available for the first two months of 2019”. 

Air India has also decided to stop flying to the Maldives in 2019 and has also said that it will cancel flights from Hyderabad to the mainland in 2019 for the second half of the year.

While India’s biggest airports are set to be affected, the impact on air travel is less dramatic.

Airports in the UK, US, Germany, France, Japan, South Korea and India have all announced that they will be restricting flights from January 1.

New Delhi-Jaipur airport is set to remain open for flights to Delhi from January 8-19.

The airport is a hub for international flights, which have seen a large increase in the past few years, as more airlines are starting to book flights to the Indian capital.

The other major airports in India are Chennai, Ahmedabad and Jaipur, with each airport announcing that it would be limiting flights from December 14-19 and cancelling all scheduled flights to January 2.

India’s aviation minister has said that the government will be providing relief to the affected airlines, which include Air India and Lajpat Nagar International Airport (LIA), by cancelling flight routes from December 19 to January 1 and by reducing the number of flights scheduled to Lajpati Nagar and Jamshedpur.

Budget airline SpiceJet has also announced that it is reducing its planned flights from the three major cities in the region, as well as Delhi, Chennai and Jaisalmer, to just two cities in 2019-2020.

It has also made announcements about its plans to reduce flights from Jaisalmar, in addition to limiting flights to Ahmedabad, Hyderakarnam, Hyderpur and Chennai.