A few weeks ago, a group of European citizens held a protest in Paris against the travel restrictions.

They held up placards reading “Stop this racism” and “Stop the discrimination”.

A week later, France’s President Emmanuel Macron announced that he had decided to rescind the travel bans.

But as soon as the ban was announced, the people of France went to town, organising marches and protests.

Many of these protests took place outside the country’s national airports, where protesters marched for the right to fly abroad.

The country has since banned all non-essential travel to the US.

For many French citizens, this is an easy and convenient way to protest against the ban.

What you need do to stay safe in France But some people have not been so lucky.

On Friday, police in Lyon prevented protesters from taking part in a demonstration outside the airport.

One of the marchers was arrested and the police are currently investigating the incident.

Another protester who is a member of the group protesting in Paris is reported to have told police that he was not planning on participating in the protest.

According to reports, the police did not use pepper spray and batons in response to the protests.

However, as of Saturday afternoon, police had not yet arrested anyone.

This comes just days after a large demonstration of protesters against the bans took place in Paris, and it comes just one day after France’s National Assembly passed a bill to lift the travel restriction.

There are already reports that French authorities have begun to implement the ban nationwide.

French authorities will be able to impose the travel limitation from January 1, 2018.