Passengers traveling to Saudi Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for their first trip could be subject to extra security checks and other restrictions if they have a family member and friends in the country, the government of the United Arab Emirates said in a statement Monday.

The announcement by the U.A.E. comes after a United Airlines flight from Los Angeles to Dubai was grounded for nearly a month because of a fatality that the airline blamed on the presence of passengers with family members and friends.

The airline has since canceled all flights.

An Emirates official said the company is now considering all options, including changing its flight to a Saudi-run airport to prevent travel disruptions.

In the statement, the UAA said it was also working with the U, S and other governments to strengthen the security of all of its airports, airports and other facilities.

Passengers traveling through the Uairas hub in Dubai will need to undergo extra security measures and travel through a closed section of the airport to the other destinations in the world, the statement said.

The Emirates also said that all Emirates passengers who have a personal travel permit will be required to have an additional photo ID on board the aircraft.

The photo ID will include a photo of the individual traveling with them.

Passengers who have been approved for a personal trip by the airline will be allowed to travel in the same capacity as the other passengers, but the UTAAs new rules will apply to all of the passengers traveling with their family and/or friends.

According to the UAE, the new rules apply to “all Uairat Emirates flights and Emirates flights to other countries as well as Emirates flights operated by the UAE airlines.

While Uaira is the only UAE carrier operating a direct route from the Uta to the Dubai International Airport, Emirates also operates a number of routes connecting Dubai to other cities and destinations.

On March 23, the Dubai Police Authority banned all foreign passengers from the Dubai Marina from boarding all flights to the city’s airport for one week.

The ban followed an investigation into allegations that the Marina is being used for illicit activities and to facilitate illegal gambling.

U.A.’s travel policy applies to all flights, including those by Uair as well, the UAE said.

This new policy comes as the UAE seeks to tighten restrictions on the use of foreign travel to the Uda Emirates, a hub for the world’s oil and gas industry.