If you’ve got a flight or other trip planned this week, it’s important to make sure you’re aware of the travel restrictions for each region of the country.

The airline industry is preparing for a potential major outbreak of the coronavirus.

According to a report from AccuWeather, the airline industry has seen a 15 percent spike in flights due to the coronovirus.

“We have seen an unprecedented surge in the number of flights from the United States to Europe and Asia and we’ve seen an almost unbelievable jump in the numbers of flights to Europe, Australia and the United Kingdom,” Accuweather Senior Meteorologist Chris Meehl said.

“It’s almost like an epidemic has hit the U.S. at this point.”

In addition to airlines, the U:I:I, an advisory for travel to the United Arab Emirates, has been in effect since March 19.

“A lot of the airlines are moving their schedules to accommodate for this and that is causing them to take in a lot more passengers than they normally would,” Meelds said.

The U.K. has also issued a travel advisory, and the U.:I:II has been extended from Thursday to Monday, with restrictions starting on Tuesday.

“They’ve been working to make the schedule as flexible as possible,” Mees said.

“In a situation like this, if you have a significant number of passengers coming in at the same time, that could lead to a number of problems,” he added.

The virus is now being spread primarily through the air, and travel restrictions can be issued at airports around the country, including JFK and LAX, Meelling said.

The restrictions will be in place at the airports that serve those cities, but travelers should make sure they are following the official travel advisory.

The National Institutes of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are also advising people to take extra precautions if they have family or friends who have traveled to the region.

The American Medical Association and American Public Health Association have also issued warnings.

The latest travel advisory is issued for travel on airlines, hotels, cruise ships, ferries and airlines operated by state-run airlines.

The American Civil Liberties Union and the American Association of University Women have issued advisories on hotels, airlines, cruise lines and air travel.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services is also advising patients with pre-existing conditions to limit the amount of time they spend outside of the U.-Bhutan border.

A number of travel advisors have been issued since March 18.

The Centers for Education and the Arts, the Centers of Disease Control, the Environmental Protection Agency, the National Weather Service, the Office of Management and Budget and the National Park Service are among the agencies that have issued travel advisements.