WASHINGTON — Dominican Republic President Juan Manuel Santos said on Friday that his nation’s independence was a “f***ing incredible” feat.

Santos, who had been holding talks with his European partners to begin negotiations to restore the country’s political system, called the vote on Monday to secede a “declaration of war” and urged his fellow leaders to back the move.

“Today, we have the right to be a sovereign nation,” Santos said.

“We are a sovereign country because we have an independent constitution and a sovereign parliament.

It is the first time a country has done that.”

Santo, who has said he wants to restore a united, united, unified Dominican Republic, has not said what he plans to do with the nation once the elections are completed.

His administration has been criticized for not doing enough to help the island’s economy recover from the devastating 2009 quake and tsunami.

The Dominican Republic’s economy was estimated to be worth around $8 billion when the quake struck.