Travelers should always bring their passports at home to protect themselves from potential threats, the US Travel Association said in a report released Wednesday.

The group urged travelers to bring a digital copy of their passport and the number they received to help protect their identities and personal information.

“Travelers should not hesitate to bring their passport with them at all times,” said Scott Bensch, a travel agent at Travelocity.

“If there is a risk, they should be able to access their passport at any time, anywhere.”

The association said its recommendations included:If travelers are planning to visit countries that are considered high risk, such as Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan, they can check the country’s website and ask about visa and immigration restrictions.

If they’re planning to travel to countries that aren’t considered high-risk, such a trip should be avoided.

A travel agent or traveler should check with the airline or airport before traveling to see if there is any additional security or screening at the airport or other facilities, and to confirm if any restrictions have been lifted.

In the event of a potential security issue, travelers should check the TSA website for updated information.

The organization said it recommends travelers bring a small notebook, passport, and cell phone with them, as well as a wallet, money, and any other documents they may need.